340MPS – ultra_violet

The eclectic brain is back on the decks with a spicy mix flying you over the funkiest tracks from all around the world. 340MPS – ultra_violet is the sequel to 340MPS – infra_red. Immerse yourself in French, Argentinan and Brit lounge music. Have your ears ever seen ultraviolet music? Today might be the day

340MPS – ultra_violet (49′)

Track List

01 Hot Chip – Crap Kraft Dinner
02 Emilie Simon – Desert (340MPS remix)
03 Da Capo
04 Magnet – Lay Lady Lay
05 Coldcut – Chocolate Box
06 Little Barrie – Free Salute
07 Napoleon Dynamite – Incredible Suit (That one 340MPS remix)
08 Blendcrafters – Melody
09 Bajofondo Tangoclub – Miles de Pasajeros
10 Baxter – Ballad of Behavior
11 Bajofondo Tangoclub – Dandango
12 Troublemakers – Get Misunderstood
13 Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (340MPS extended remix)
14 Da Capo

album cover design of ultra_violet by French designer christophe naux

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3 thoughts on “340MPS – ultra_violet”

  1. digg’n ur music,, right now, going too smoke some green, i will return from my BURN! so u can learn how good!!it is. YOU! guys.


  2. waz! i thinking out?loud..anyway i meant now! so. i like yall’s shit!, meaning!! its the last! thing,,, i will hear,, when i close! my eye’s.



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