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The deepest experience in my hours as a DJ is to play artists I know nothing about except for their music. But that music, their sounds, haunt me and tug at my soul. I wake up at 4am and my mind is singing with their voice. I now have a little piece of them with me, an audio slice they crafted oh so carefully and like a jewel hit by the same ray of light which hit it on the day of its creation, I examine in bliss every single layer that my ears can distinguish and come closer to the source, another being, delighted, proud of, enamored with a song. Dutifully, I press play and await for this feeling to shake the crowd at its core.

I was a DJ before I even thought of being a DJ. I look at the next generations bubbling around, plugged into YouTube and iMove-ing with a passion, slicing remixing; and I see DJs in all of them too. I reminisce of my brother placing a record on a stereo the size of a brown bear, and he is a DJ. We all are DJs. Press play. Enjoy.

A lot of this I learnt from accomplice DJ Active Orange so if you want to hear me solo or better yet, add us both on the flyer, shoot me a booking request at [email protected].

You can also keep track of my musical odissey at Beatport, the next gigs, releases and charts.

Better yet, why don’t you head over the Soundcloud to test drive your sound system, make sure your speakers are well adjusted and that you have a warm cup of heavenly potion to accompany your ascension to higher musical grounds.

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  1. Hey Mr 340 Amps it’s Kevin (Marks friend from London) How you doing? whats new? Mr Active Orange gave me your web address to check out the good Tunes. So I am at work but I am about to listen to some of your Mixes. Hope everything is cool with you and feel free to email me when you get a moment.


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