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You have various ways to download music at One of the easiest ways it to add all of DJ 340MPS mixes to your iTunes list of podcasts. A podcast is an audio broadcast to which you can subscribe. Once you subscribe to a podcast, it will be automatically downloaded inside iTunes. The next time you plug your iPod to your computer, your podcasts will be uploaded to your iPod.

Follow these very simple steps in order to add all the DJ 340MPS mixes to your iTunes & iPod:

1. Start by clicking below on the link to subscribe to 340MPS podcasts (alternatively you can click on the iTunes picture on the right hand side of the blog under Podcast Feeds)

click here to add 340mps to your iTunes

2. Click on Open in iTunes

3. Once iTunes loads to the 340MPS podcast page, click on SUBSCRIBE

4. That’s it, now iTunes will automatically download all the new mixes and sync them to your device

7. If you love the mixes, you should click on GET ALL in order to download all of them!

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