340MPS – Swig

First DJ set of the year recorded in Chicago at Swig. I laid down the foundations for a full night of house music later developed by DJ Active Orange and DJ Silent K. An awesome night it was and it had to begin with Chris Isaak of course. Thanks to all who came and here is the downloadable podcast for you to (re)enjoy.

340MPS – Pampus

DJ set recorded live at Pampus in December. Master setter of a very loungy vibe in a smooth chill-out place by the water in Curacao. This jester, in the island’s downtempo late night hang-out, gallivants between tonalities.

340MPS – Full Moon

The chill out sessions in Curacao were played at Moon Beach Club every Friday night. You could listen to these sunset tunes spun by 340mps. This is the first recorded session and it is called Full Moon, a set recorded at the beginning of September 2009 which starts with some funky house and turns into straight funk. Feel the sun setting on the Caribbean sea.

340MPS – the Speed of Sound

340MPS - The Speed of Sound - Cover

Coming at you in stereo, the speed of sound is another untamable mix from dj 340mps. Unctuous tracks have been tested in state-of-the-art hypersonic wind tunnels for aerodynamics. Addictive loops have been scrupulously examined for their uplift. The velocity gradually increases over a seamless mix with perfect pitching moment, a celerity which will leave you breathless, rapturous and esurient for an encore. If you like your cochleae, this album is for them.

340MPS – ultra_violet

Ultra_violet - cover

The eclectic brain is back on the decks with a spicy DJ remix flying you over the funkiest tracks. 340MPS – ultra_violet is the sequel to 340MPS – infra_red. Another free DJ download from DJ 340MPS.