The Moon Beach Club Curacao Crew is on Logo TV

Very nice appearances of the crew on Logo.TV Bump! show Season 4 – Episode 16: Curacao (video linked here does not play outside the US).

Huge props to our friend Lee-Anne and her accomplices who spend their time scouring the international media to find little gems like these.

Logo TV 3D Logo
Logo TV 3D Logo

Below, you will see a glimpse of me spinning on the first clip (1:18). At the beginning of the second clip, John is dancing with Ivonne, Stephanie is laughing away with Gretchen and Mike & Jordi are chatting at the bar (unfortunately Jess was taking a dancing break).

Promo Video of Curacao (Part 1) from DJ 340MPS on Vimeo.

Promo Video of Curacao (Part 2) from DJ 340MPS on Vimeo.

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