New music player

After many years of using the original musical player which powered this website and its podcast, I am retiring it to replace with a new, more powerful, better design music player so house music keeps flowing on your speakers.

Player Statistics

The older player, podPress has been a companion of this website since its inception and I am really happy it took us this far. In fact, before I take it offline, I want to share with you the incredible numbers which have accumulated since my first house music mix was published here:

Two highlights from this:

#1 Swig is by far the most popular mix on this website.

#2 All the house mixes on have been played and downloaded over 60,000 times!

Two words for this: THANK YOU so much for your support. Keep on listening, and I’ll keep on spinning.

The New Player

For the new music player, I elected PodLove.

Podlove has some incredible features that will make this site much more enjoyable. Amongst those, I really appreciate the following:

  • A beautifully designed player
  • Works on desktop and mobile phone browsers
  • Presents the cover of each DJ mix
  • The track list is interactive and allows to quickly navigate from one song to the next
  • Ability to download the MP3 file directly onto your computer
  • A quick link to subscribe to the podcast
  • Audio controls
  • Possibility to share a mix onto the major social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit) or by email in one click

I look forward to taking it out for a spin and I look forward to hearing your feedback on the new features it will bring to this site.

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